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I’ve chosen my African Kennel name UDAKO with deliberation, because if translated, it means RESPECT. And dignity and respect for the needs of the dog should be the foundation of a human-dog-relationship. Especially the Rhodesian Ridgeback has specific needs.
Of course does the RR stand out because of his extraordinary appearance. Even I am enthralled by the energy and vitality of my dogs over and over again. Yet it’s essential to not only inform oneself about the character traits of the new family member, but also to reflect on one’s own living conditions.



Regarding this, there is plenty of very good literature. At this point, I’d like to hint at some food for thought which can be found in the Rhodesian-Ridgeback-Forum.
As a responsible breeder, I am a member of one of the FCI (intern. governing body) and the VDH (German governing body) connected breeders‘ association, the German Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder community. Accordingly, my breeding is subjected to strict rules and was already examined beforehand. It is my wish to retain this breed in its primordial nature.


This already starts with the mating of the parents. I pay special attention to the selection of the stud dog:

  • Health (free of HD, ED, OCD, thyroid or heart diseases)
  • Nature (this includes a controllable hunting instinct, which if redirected, can be wonderfully used for sporty or mental challenges, absolute requirement is a specific strength of nerve and poise)
  • Exterieur (whereas beauty always lies within the eye of the beholder…important for me are a flowing gait with a strong boost, bone strength and an appealing face).



Of course it fills an owner with joy and a sense of pride if the own dog is being judged with splendid qualifications by internationally recognized judges on FCI-shows.
I, too, enjoy it to participate in shows because on the one hand, it is a precondition according to the breeding rules, and on the other hand, it gives me a great overview on the breeding potential. Thus this is why I am happy that my dogs are able to score, with decent effort, good results and that even the most sought-after champion titles are there smile.
But even a champion title should never be overvalued. It is much more important and pleasant for the mundane cohabitation with the dogs to have an “Everyday hero”…



The parameters in which the puppy grows up are enormously important for its future development (you don’t speak of an imprinting phase for nothing). Due to this I’m trying my best to give my puppies the most optimal start in life.

The litter-crate, in which the puppies are born, is specially built in the middle of the living room. The puppies are going to spend their first two weeks there with constant welfare through me and the mother dog. After this they move into a specially arranged puppy room, which was also integrated into my living room. There they are going to get confronted with several noises of a household. From this room they have direct free access to the garden, which turns into a “Puppies-Play-Paradise” and in which my other pack members are allowed to roam freely.

Stocked with all kinds of toys and various play equipment, the puppies are getting imprinted by visual and acoustic stimuli and their self-confidence is being solidified. Equally, we try to familiarize the puppies with car driving and if possible with the contact to dogs of other breeds.

A close contact to adults and children is very important to me, which is why I absolutely welcome it if puppy parents come to visit, as well as my already established UDAKO-family.

Likewise I’d like to lay the foundation regarding the diet of the puppies. In order to prevent a future food flaw, I use an appropriate mixture of high-end prepared feed, fresh meat with respective additives and further food products…

Before handed over, the puppies are being 3x dewormed, inspected by the vet, receive a chip according to regulations and get vaccinated.

I wish for people who are ready to invest time, commitment and tender consistency as puppy parents. As far as I am concerned, I’m willing to help with words and deeds even after the discharge of the puppies.





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