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The mating between our Chui „Peaches“ and her chosen one Ye Japha Nuka Xhemail „Bomani“ has taken place.

Ye Japha Nuka Xhemail „Bomani“ & UDAKO Chui „Peaches“

Since the two had met each other months ago and liked each other immediately, the mating was also very harmonious and now we hope that small healthy lion hunters will be born around April 10th.

Bomani is a young male with lots of pigment and an appealing expression and conformation. He is very people oriented, a lovely charmer and wants to please… so here we double two good character traits that are very important to me. Like Peaches, Bomani is powerful, good to lead and very sporty.

I would like to thank Silke and Ralf Kappes for their confidence in our common adventure and I am looking forward to our offspring.

For Bomani this was the first mating and he doesn’t have his own homepage yet, so here are some photos of him.

More about the course of the pregnancy, birth and everything else then under News on my homepage.


parents grandparents great-grandparents
Ye Japha Nuka Xhemail „Bomani“ Drakensberg Hurricane
LOF 6 RHO.RID 3627/0
Ch. Shangani Bekua Shoka
Ch. IMKAHENA Duma-Dayimani
LOF 6 RHO RID 002578
Ye Japha Gaya Boma
EILACK Freelander at Gyasi
KC AK03625003
YE JAPHA Makena Malia
VDH 07/109 5795
UDAKO Chui „Peaches“
VDH 14/109 10521
Azizi Nille KwaNyoni C.I.B.
Abuya Balou van het Maasjesfles
Carrie Ann z Valdštejnských lip
Dt. Jug.-Ch. Dt. Ch.
UDAKO Amarula
VDH 11/109 08343
VDH 07/109 5394
Dt. CH NDOKI Chamchela
VDH 08/109 6286



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