Dt. CH NDOKI Chamchela


called: *Chela*

Vice World Junior Winner 2009 WDS Bratislava

Federal Junior Winner   Dortmund 2009

BOB Nat. Show  Leipzig  2010

German Champion VDH

VDH – Veteran – Champion


DOB: 08-13-2008

Studbook number: VDH 08/109 6286

Shoulder height: 63 cm

Weight: 34 kg

Breeder: „Ndoki“ Claudia Körner

Color: red wheaten

Sire: MATAKIMA Ajani


Hips: A1 / Elbows: free / OCD: free

Cardio: free of heart disease

Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy Genotyp: N/N (no gene carriers)

Genetic Test: Livernose Genotyp: B/b (nose carries black)

Genetic Test: Dilute Genotyp: dD (carrier)

The breeding license of our breeder club DZRR (VDH) was passed on 06/06/2010 under the judge Karin van Klaveren without any restrictions.

Chamchela is very hard-running, curious and always cheerful, thus it’s easy to motivate her. Although she is typically cautious like every Ridgeback, this applies to strangers only. She is very cuddly, touchy-feely with our family members and loves it warm and cozy.
Despite having aged, her playing and hunting instinct remained and she enjoys it to be in water. After three litters, my wonderful “Chelchen” is now at rest and should enjoy her remaining years amongst her offsprings.


parents grandparents great-grandparents
 Matakima Ajani
VDH 05/109 4406
HD-A, OCD-frei ED-frei,
DS: DD,rw, Dt.J.Ch.(Klub)
  Kuzonga’s Aurelijus
DKK 07592/2002
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, rw, AD, BPB
 Rex Ventors Akeron
S 17363/98
HD-A, ED-frei, rw, Nord.Ch., DK.Ch.,
Int.Ch., WS02, Schw.Ch., Fin.Ch
 Hunting Choir’s Issa
DKK 00199/99
HD-A, ED-frei, rw
  Mairangi Fakima
VDH 02/109 2941
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, drw
 Lionhunt Dayimane Umvuma
KUSA BQ012991
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, rw, Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH)
 Baganda Ijumaa
VDH 97/109 0785
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, drw
    Mavunguela’s Vuana
VDH 07/109Ü5515
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, rw, WS’06,
Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH), Dt.Ch.(Klub),
Öst.Ch., PL.Ch., Dt.J.Ch.(VDH),
t.J.Ch.(Klub), Öst.Bsg.
  Ngai Zamu of Ginba’s Hero
NHSB 2.395.721
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei,
rw, NL.Ch., Int.Ch., B.Ch.,
Dt.Ch.(Klub), Crufts’06
 Thokoza Azibo
NHSB 2.251.973
HD-A, rw
NHSB 2.251.403
HD-B, rw
  Mavunguela’s Savimbi
HD-A, OCD-frei, Öst.Ch.
 Danest Tjabo Letsatsi
KUSA BP009753
SHSB 564184
HD-A, ED-frei, rw, Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(Klub)
Mavunguela’s Pangani
HD-A, Öst.Ch



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