Dt. Jug.-Ch./Dt. Ch. UDAKO Amarula

called: *Amarula*

Junior Winner Saarbrücken 2012

Rheinland Junior Winner 2012

German Junior-Champion VDH

German Champion VDH

VDH Veteran Champion


DOB: 06-05-2011

Studbook number: VDH 11/109 08343

Shoulder height: 64 cm

Weight: 36,5 kg

Breeder: „UDAKO“ – Lea Kratzer

Color: red wheaten

Sire: NYANGANI Couga

Dam: NDOKI Chamchela

Hips: A2 / Elbows: free / OCD: free

Cardio: free of heart disease

Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy Genotyp: N/N (no gene carriers)

Genetic Test: Livernose Genotyp: B/b (nose carries black)

Genetic Test: Dilute Genotyp: DD (no carrier)

Genetic Test: Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy Genotyp N/N (no gene carriers)

The breeding license of our breeder club DZRR (VDH) was passed on 09-28-2013 under the judge Martin Klopsch without any restrictions.

Our “Rulchen” is a well-built bitch with a very beautiful head and a distinct musculature. We kept her from the A litter and it was already to that time when her strong personality and self-confidence showed. She is very easy-going and friendly in everyday life, always game to have fun and has a good, controllable hunting instinct. Her sport, besides accompanying us during bicycling, is especially coursing/track racing, it is here where she can show how much energy and stamina a Ridgeback has.
She has perfect qualities even as a breeding dog and proved to be a patient and affectionate mother.


Just like her mother Chamchela, Amarula now enjoys her well-deserved retirement with us in the pack. She is still the boss of the house Udako, even though she has become calmer due to her age and looks after the one or other offence of the young savages differently than before.

Of course she is also physically fit and for me it is always nice again to be able to admire her dreamlike gait even at an advanced age.


parents grandparents great-grandparents
VDH 07/109 5394
Pronkberg Makari
KUSA BU 010490
LOI 03 128651
 Apalachee Umqolo of Pronkberg
KUSA BH 000082
Sarula Gwiza of Pronkberg
KUSA CM 013504
 Glenaholm Jangela
KUSA BQ 016758
VDH 01/109Ü2648
Lionhill Zurdoc
KUSA BP 004395
Glenaholm Janna of Castershire
KUSA BL 003058
    NDOKI Chamchela
VDH 08/109 6286
  Matakima Ajani
VDH 05/109 4406
HD-A, OCD-frei ED-frei,
DS: DD,rw, Dt.J.Ch.(Klub)
Kuzonga’s Aurelijus
DKK 07592/2002
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, rw, AD, BPB
Mairangi Fakima
VDH 02/109 2941
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, drw
  Mavunguela’s Vuana
VDH 07/109Ü5515
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, rw, WS’06,
Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH), Dt.Ch.(Klub),
Öst.Ch., PL.Ch., Dt.J.Ch.(VDH),
t.J.Ch.(Klub), Öst.Bsg.
Ngai Zamu of Ginba’s Hero
NHSB 2.395.721
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei,
rw, NL.Ch., Int.Ch., B.Ch.,
Dt.Ch.(Klub), Crufts’06
Mavunguela’s Savimbi
HD-A, OCD-frei, Öst.Ch.



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