UDAKO Chui Peaches

called: *Peaches*


DOB: 10.05.2014

Studbook number: VDH 14/ 10910521

Shoulder height: 65,5 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Breeder:  „UDAKO“ – Lea Kratzer

Color:  red wheaten

Sire:  Azizi Nille KwaNyoni

Dame:  Udako Amarula

Hips: A1 / Elbows: free / OCD: free

Cardio: Doppler of the atrioventricular valves and major heart vessels without evidence of stenosis or insufficiency, no evidence of DCM, Myocardial functions very well.

Genetic Test: Degenerative Myelopathy Genotyp: N/N (no gene carriers)

Genetic Test: Livernose Genotyp: B/B (no gene carriers)

Genetic Test: Dilute Genotyp: DD (no carrier)

Genetic Test: Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy Genotyp N/N (no gene carriers)

The breeding license of our breeder club DZRR (VDH) was passed on 05-29-2016 under the judge Karin van Klaveren without any restrictions and best results. It were confirmed a perfect exterieur and a safe and friendly demeanor.

Our Peaches, a daughter of Amarula from the C-litter, is a playful, friendly and very willing to run bitch, who never puts herself in the foreground and accepts her role in the pack. Like her grandmother Chamchela, she is always anxious for peace in the pack.

Peaches is extremely in need of love and if you address her friendly, she prefers to reward this with a kiss from her side and can hardly be stopped. She is highly emotional, likes to „talk“ a lot and loudly and you can read her thoughts immediately. She wants to do everything right for loved ones and is therefore easy to motivate. Also on the way she is very affectionate and her hunting instinct is easy to control.

She has always been our „Peach-Baby“ and this has not been changed by her own litter and its rearing. Also in this time it was a pleasure to work together with her and she obviously enjoyed that I am proud of her as a mother dog.


From the exterior she is a powerful, stable bitch with a beautiful long and straight back and a very good musculature.


parents grandparents great-grandparents
Azizi Nille KwaNyoni C.I.B.
Abuya Balou van het Maasjesfles
C.I.B. Zumeli’s Ajabu
Dipsie Bor-Marzoe
Carrie Ann z Valdštejnských lip
Ch. Leoridge Musafah
C.I.B. Ann z Valdštejnských lip
    Dt. Jug.-Ch. Dt. Ch.
UDAKO Amarula

VDH 11/109 08343
VDH 07/109 5394
Pronkberg Makari
KUSA BU 010490
LOI 03 128651
Glenaholm Jangela
KUSA BQ 016758
VDH 01/109Ü2648
  Dt. CH NDOKI Chamchela
VDH 08/109 6286
Matakima Ajani
VDH 05/109 4406
HD-A, OCD-frei ED-frei,
DS: DD,rw, Dt.J.Ch.(Klub)
Mavunguela’s Vuana
VDH 07/109Ü5515
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, rw, WS’06,
Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH), Dt.Ch.(Klub),
Öst.Ch., PL.Ch., Dt.J.Ch.(VDH),
t.J.Ch.(Klub), Öst.Bsg.




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