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If there is something that is woven through my life like a red thread, then it would be my love and enthusiasm for dogs!! Even as a child and teenager, I’ve already spent a lot of time with them and walked the dogs from our neighborhood regularly because I wasn’t allowed to have one of my own.
It was only in the year of 1995, that my wish came true and Joy moved in, a wonderful mongrel, who kept me company for 13 whole years. When she became 2,5 years old, I saw myself faced with the following decision: Should I take a Rhodesian Ridgeback (which have already fascinated me back then) or a Doberman bitch under my wing. In the end, I decided in favor of the Doberman and like this, Ginger spent the rest of her life at my home and we became a great team.
Afterwards I’ve finally made my dream about getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback come true: At the beginning of 2007, Kimba moved in with me, a nine months old bitch who was in search of a new home. It was love at first sight and this in every sense… even if she put my knowledge about dogs repeatedly to test in the early days smile. But it was exactly this primal nature of hers which encouraged me that the Ridgeback was “the love of my life” and that this unique breed is one which I cannot image my world without.
It was obvious that a second Ridgeback followed after Joy’s death, and around this time, I’ve deliberately decided for a puppy from a good breeding. Chamchela, the little whirlwind from the house of Ndoki of Claudia Körner, was granted entrance into my home and especially my heart. She developed so gorgeously, that I wished to found my own breeding with her as its original dog.  Together we’ve managed to accomplish all requirements, and like this, a big dream came true for me in the year of 2010. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel “UDAKO” was approved by the FCI/VDH thus the foundation stone was laid, so that I am now able to breed this wonderful dog breed with strong passion and a lot of love.
And due to the reason that it is a matter of course for me to keep dogs which are no longer able to partake in breeding anymore, because of age or health reasons, it will stay a tiny but mighty breeding station. uebermich


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