on August 18th, 2023

The choice fell on Bowie, because he can not only prove all important examinations for the breeding, but also has an exceptionally gentle character, which is certainly unparalleled and which I personally consider very important for the breeding of our Ridgebacks. He is calm in all situations even with other males and has shown this not only at numerous also international shows in the ring, but especially in everyday life.


Website of Bowie: http://www.rr-mwazi.com/


His gait and conformation are that of a champion and in combination with our Naomi, who also has a great body, we promise very typey Ridgebacks, which should certainly also be of interest to exhibitors. Whereby we put also this time in the first place value on the fact that our puppies come into active families and may lead there a loving and dog-fair life.


And since I am known for liking the Ridgeback also sporty and he should still be primarily a running dog, I am also proud to have considered this aspect with this mating. Because Ulwazi’s Born to Run Bowie is a very active dog, which is successfully and very engaged since approx. four years in the professional train dog sport led. There in the disciplines “CaniCross” and “Bikejöring” in the season from late September to early March. Bowie and his owner Marc will even represent Germany this year in the national squad at the Dryland Draft Dog World Championships in Leipa.


Descendants of Bowie in other countries are also very engaged in this sport and thus it has been confirmed that character and joy of work are also passed on.


Our puppies grow up lovingly and with a lot of experience in the middle of the house with access to the converted puppy garden and are allowed to enjoy life with our other proven pack members from the very beginning and are thus well prepared for life out there.


If you are interested or have any questions, don’t be shy to contact me and get to know us.